Monday, April 30, 2007

People still been taken to the camp

While enjoying the weekend, many, were not aware that pro-democracy supporters were still been taken to the camp. While details are still sketchy news have to come to hand that Peter waqavonovono who is a pro-democracy activist and also part of the Young People Concerned Network was hauled up to the camp again during the weekend. He has since been released and and is now seeking refuge in an island off the mainland.

The question that now comes into mind is.....why are they still taking people up? Are they that insecure? Are they scared that somehow this one person, who speaks so boldly aginst their taranical regikme will somehow influence people to look beyod the lies and the murders that they have committed? These is the work of cowards. Of people that have a lot to hide and also a lot to loose if people speak up against them.Frank and his henchmen will not hide behind the gate forever. The very people that they are killing and persecuting now are the very people that will be in charge of the nation in the future.

It is somehow ironical that National Youth Day is coming up and yet the very young people that the illegal regime wants to celebrate, are the very people that are being abused. And the very people that they are claiming to create a better future for are the ones that they are persecuting.

Power to the youths
power to the Future.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sad Representation

Sorry for not being active for the past few weeks. Mainly because I just did not see the need to post more things on the web as a sister blogger, Resist Franks Coup, have just really stepped up to the plate and just disseminated information to the interested readers and I applaud them for doing so. But there is an issue that I felt needed to be raised and have not been raised by any of the blogs yet, that is the claiming of credit by the interim government by intiatives that havebeen undertaken by other people or groups.

The Interim government is so focussed in trying to gain favour in the face of the international communitties and the public that they would claim ownership over projects that other people have worked tirelessly to raise from the ground. Because of safety and other reasons specific projects will not be mentioned but one is more obvious then others. The Suva Secondary Music Festival is one such project that they are trying to claim ownership over. We have certain people  reporting to us about the matter. And will fill you in when more information comes into hand.