Monday, November 5, 2007

Here they go again

The military and all its followers now go on a witch hunt that will surelly not only hurt the struggling economy but yet again they target the youths. While there have been reprts of things happening around Suva, one initial one is disturbing. While walking through town today I was approached by a longtime school friend who approached me looking really irritated and angry. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that some solders had actually beaten up some of his cousins on Friday night, just for taking a walk in Suva. Well to be more precise along the GPH hotel near the sea wall, they were all rounded up, beaten up and told to run to the bus stand. most of these young man were from Lami.

Why the youths?? Is it because we are helpless. More so, why do it at all?? Is it because of the power of the gun?? And also the incident of the Bulatikos, Ballu Kahn, friends and mates. A reliable source told me that when they were all rounded up the boys were brought together and the solders started beating them up, while the sisters were made to watch, and when the girls tried to intervene the kids that were accompanying them were then held at gun point and told that if thet girls tried to help the guys again the kids would be shot. Shot???? What the hell is Fiji coming to??? NO one deserves this types of treatment, were they in a meeting to try and assinate the illegal PM??? NO!! They came back from a charity functions.

If the youths never had a reason to stand up against the immigration. Then I think they should look around them now. The friend that I met in town was a youth himself and man.....he looked pissed!!

And they wonder why people are trying to assinate the illegal PM???

Stay tuned!!
For more real stories of what been happening here in FIJI.........YOuths stand up and be heard!!!