Monday, November 5, 2007

Here they go again

The military and all its followers now go on a witch hunt that will surelly not only hurt the struggling economy but yet again they target the youths. While there have been reprts of things happening around Suva, one initial one is disturbing. While walking through town today I was approached by a longtime school friend who approached me looking really irritated and angry. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that some solders had actually beaten up some of his cousins on Friday night, just for taking a walk in Suva. Well to be more precise along the GPH hotel near the sea wall, they were all rounded up, beaten up and told to run to the bus stand. most of these young man were from Lami.

Why the youths?? Is it because we are helpless. More so, why do it at all?? Is it because of the power of the gun?? And also the incident of the Bulatikos, Ballu Kahn, friends and mates. A reliable source told me that when they were all rounded up the boys were brought together and the solders started beating them up, while the sisters were made to watch, and when the girls tried to intervene the kids that were accompanying them were then held at gun point and told that if thet girls tried to help the guys again the kids would be shot. Shot???? What the hell is Fiji coming to??? NO one deserves this types of treatment, were they in a meeting to try and assinate the illegal PM??? NO!! They came back from a charity functions.

If the youths never had a reason to stand up against the immigration. Then I think they should look around them now. The friend that I met in town was a youth himself and man.....he looked pissed!!

And they wonder why people are trying to assinate the illegal PM???

Stay tuned!!
For more real stories of what been happening here in FIJI.........YOuths stand up and be heard!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The use of Blogs

Recently there has been great hype over the use of blogs in relaying information to the masses. The question of the whether logs are useful or not can be answered first as to why we need blogs or what environment has allowed for blogs to eventuate.

After the December 5 coup of 2006, the military has engaged in gross human rights violations. Youths have been the particular victims of military frustrations and efforts to sustain national security.

People have become increasingly afraid to speak out against the military or the military supported government. The environment of fear has caused people like me to think of innovative ways to present information and pure facts on what is happening in our nation.

Youths have the right to have their voice heard. They are future of Fiji and need to be consulted on what steps the nation must take to return to the best path leading towards a real brighter future.

Although some blogs have caused a considerable stir and great controversy, we shall not entertain that on this Blog. We wish the people of Fiji the best in seeking an avenue to flaunt their frustrations with the current state of affairs.

What about the SDL?
The youths of Fiji have shown their support for the SDL and the FLP throught the 2006 genral elections.

On average, at least 23% of voters were first timers and concentrated in non urban areas. At least 20% were under the age of 27 years.

Therefore a total of 43% of voters during the last elections were youths. Judging by the huge physical support of youths leaning towards the SDL and the FLP, one of the biggest losers during the last elections are the youths who were robbed of their vote.

Many youths and people voted for the FLP either on racial lines or because they believed on the power of the unims or workers rights. People who voted for the SDL party were either because of ethnicity again or because of the need to reaffirm indegenious rights and the plans and projects that have been in place and had led to a growing economy.

It seems that people just do not seem to trust the judgements of youths and also seem to claim that youths are too irrational to vote, well its about time that they start hearing our voice and start listening to the cries are now echoing throughout Fiji.

While blogs can be used as a way of disseminating information, it should also be reminded to all that it is not all gospel truths. Go out and empower yourselves by finding out if the information been given out is true and credible.

Monday, April 30, 2007

People still been taken to the camp

While enjoying the weekend, many, were not aware that pro-democracy supporters were still been taken to the camp. While details are still sketchy news have to come to hand that Peter waqavonovono who is a pro-democracy activist and also part of the Young People Concerned Network was hauled up to the camp again during the weekend. He has since been released and and is now seeking refuge in an island off the mainland.

The question that now comes into mind is.....why are they still taking people up? Are they that insecure? Are they scared that somehow this one person, who speaks so boldly aginst their taranical regikme will somehow influence people to look beyod the lies and the murders that they have committed? These is the work of cowards. Of people that have a lot to hide and also a lot to loose if people speak up against them.Frank and his henchmen will not hide behind the gate forever. The very people that they are killing and persecuting now are the very people that will be in charge of the nation in the future.

It is somehow ironical that National Youth Day is coming up and yet the very young people that the illegal regime wants to celebrate, are the very people that are being abused. And the very people that they are claiming to create a better future for are the ones that they are persecuting.

Power to the youths
power to the Future.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sad Representation

Sorry for not being active for the past few weeks. Mainly because I just did not see the need to post more things on the web as a sister blogger, Resist Franks Coup, have just really stepped up to the plate and just disseminated information to the interested readers and I applaud them for doing so. But there is an issue that I felt needed to be raised and have not been raised by any of the blogs yet, that is the claiming of credit by the interim government by intiatives that havebeen undertaken by other people or groups.

The Interim government is so focussed in trying to gain favour in the face of the international communitties and the public that they would claim ownership over projects that other people have worked tirelessly to raise from the ground. Because of safety and other reasons specific projects will not be mentioned but one is more obvious then others. The Suva Secondary Music Festival is one such project that they are trying to claim ownership over. We have certain people  reporting to us about the matter. And will fill you in when more information comes into hand.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Deadly Silence

Hey all...
Its been a few weeks now and it seems that all of the greenies have gone into their holes. While they seem to have quietened down...their constant harassment of young people have not stopped. Because of obvious reasons there will be no names mentuioned...but it seems that they have a bone to pick with young people....while there have not been any reports of any been taken up to the camp...there visitations have not stopped...and I think I'll stop right there. Whats really angers me is that they really seem to hate it when young people stand up and talk about issues, and mainly on the human rights abuses. They haul young people up to the camp and do in-humane things to them that animals won't even do to each other!!

There have been reports of young man been taken up and sexually abused.....there have also been incidents of young people......well....young men......that at gun point were made to sodomise each other in front of solders while they masturbated and watched. Where is the humanity in this? Where is the security they promised? Where is corruption, int he act of sexually abusing and taunting these young men?

They are creating youths that will hate and dispise the army....a generation that will grow up with hate and anger.....and when these youths become leaders...well what values do you think they will reflect? The army claims that they are doing this for the well-being of the future generations of Fiji......thats just plain stupidity....especially when the youths that you claim to be creating the future for, are the very same one that are being hauled up to the barracks and then beaten up, ridiculed, raped.....sodomised and do un-natural acts to each other.

There will come a time when the uniforms will come off.....
Then you will be a father......
A mother........
A sister.........
And lets just see how you'll feel(soldier) when the same things that you are doing to these young people are done to yours.........

May God bless Fiji

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bula to all

Funny how things are now...the same people that gurranteed the safety of all the people fo Fiji are the very ones that are killing them now. It really hurts me the way that people seem to just go on with their daily lives trying to forget...or rather just ignore that people have lost their lives. It seems that out of fear, many of the people in Fiji try to forget the lives that have been lost and just try to remain positive, because by doing so it seems that they are safe. With ignorance,they are safe and will not not be hurt by the military.

Okay people....lets weigh the costs here,first we can just ignore that there are human rights abuses happening all over the place and we can be assured our safety, but at the same time being eaten slowly by our guilt.The other one being....we stand up for what we believe in and get hurt. I prefer the conscience is too big a price to pay for this.....the er will come a time of reckoning for all those solders carrying out this abuses......and they will pay

please for the sake of all the people and especially the children of my beloved country

Free My Fiji