Sunday, May 13, 2007

The use of Blogs

Recently there has been great hype over the use of blogs in relaying information to the masses. The question of the whether logs are useful or not can be answered first as to why we need blogs or what environment has allowed for blogs to eventuate.

After the December 5 coup of 2006, the military has engaged in gross human rights violations. Youths have been the particular victims of military frustrations and efforts to sustain national security.

People have become increasingly afraid to speak out against the military or the military supported government. The environment of fear has caused people like me to think of innovative ways to present information and pure facts on what is happening in our nation.

Youths have the right to have their voice heard. They are future of Fiji and need to be consulted on what steps the nation must take to return to the best path leading towards a real brighter future.

Although some blogs have caused a considerable stir and great controversy, we shall not entertain that on this Blog. We wish the people of Fiji the best in seeking an avenue to flaunt their frustrations with the current state of affairs.

What about the SDL?
The youths of Fiji have shown their support for the SDL and the FLP throught the 2006 genral elections.

On average, at least 23% of voters were first timers and concentrated in non urban areas. At least 20% were under the age of 27 years.

Therefore a total of 43% of voters during the last elections were youths. Judging by the huge physical support of youths leaning towards the SDL and the FLP, one of the biggest losers during the last elections are the youths who were robbed of their vote.

Many youths and people voted for the FLP either on racial lines or because they believed on the power of the unims or workers rights. People who voted for the SDL party were either because of ethnicity again or because of the need to reaffirm indegenious rights and the plans and projects that have been in place and had led to a growing economy.

It seems that people just do not seem to trust the judgements of youths and also seem to claim that youths are too irrational to vote, well its about time that they start hearing our voice and start listening to the cries are now echoing throughout Fiji.

While blogs can be used as a way of disseminating information, it should also be reminded to all that it is not all gospel truths. Go out and empower yourselves by finding out if the information been given out is true and credible.