Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bula to all

Funny how things are now...the same people that gurranteed the safety of all the people fo Fiji are the very ones that are killing them now. It really hurts me the way that people seem to just go on with their daily lives trying to forget...or rather just ignore that people have lost their lives. It seems that out of fear, many of the people in Fiji try to forget the lives that have been lost and just try to remain positive, because by doing so it seems that they are safe. With ignorance,they are safe and will not not be hurt by the military.

Okay people....lets weigh the costs here,first we can just ignore that there are human rights abuses happening all over the place and we can be assured our safety, but at the same time being eaten slowly by our guilt.The other one being....we stand up for what we believe in and get hurt. I prefer the forementioned....my conscience is too big a price to pay for this.....the er will come a time of reckoning for all those solders carrying out this abuses......and they will pay

please for the sake of all the people and especially the children of my beloved country

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Frank Vore said...
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Frank Vore said...

Very good point and I think its time for the people of Fiji to show reisistence to the military regime. The impending strike is a good starting point, but concerned people should get together and rouse the populace into action. Peacefull resistance can certainly bring the current regime in check. Otherwise, enough is enough...we may as well fight for the betterment of our children and future generations. That they don't go through this kind of shit again and again.

VoxPop said...

Yes, it IS all about our children. Who could accept Bainimarama as a role model for our children? Why cannot they live ina democracy and see the process of democracy being observed? Bainimarama is a freak and freaks frighten children

Chief Intelligentsiya said...

We are walking down the road to a dictatorship and must stand up and say stop, let's turn back now before it's too late.

Mega Worth said...

Ratu Josefa Iloilo is Vore's puppet and Vore is Mahendra Chaudary's puppet. That is the truth.

Vox Populi said...

Peaceful resistance is GOOD. Sending and email to everyone you know is Good. Remembering democracy is good is BETTER.

Baljeet said...

Where were all you guys after the 2000 coup? Where was this website and the blogs? Is it painful when it goes inside you? Think about when indigenous Fijians tortured, terrorised, raped innocent Indian women. Burnt homes, looted. Who was the saviour then? RFMF. God bless Frank and the RFMF. Very good job boys. God works in mysterious ways indeed.

Baljeet said...

Dictatorship is better than the SDL government. As they say a slap is better than a kick. SDL was racist with its affirmative action policies. Down with SDL and Qarase.

kailau said...

I think people like baljeet is why boggs like this were created.......your arrogance and your stupidity must be commended....while some of the policies can be argued as racist....a coup is still the coup...and its not only the Indegenous Fijians and SDL supporters that will suffer....everyone will...including all youths and children....regardless of race.

Mereani said...

Baljeet it wont be long now that you will start cursing VB because he will be annoucing a paycut in the near future

Baljeet said...

Mereani, we won't mind living with a paycut. It is a sacrifice for not living under a racist SDL government. This time dictatorship is better than democracy. It has been worth it. The silent majority supports it.

Linda of Redwood City said...

Baljeet, what silent majority?? May be the Indians yes! But the KaiViti's are going to vote again for SDL and racist or not they are going to be back in power. So do yourself a favour and enjoy the rights you have in that Fijian land!!

Chow-Da-Rear said...

Baljeet and mahen chordry should learn some manners, they are guests in this country, you donot take over the hosts of the land ...wud u like it if someone else moved into your house and pushed you out and used your belongings without your consent???? No Nah!! Think about it

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